Den inmurade riddaren

Legend of the immmured knight
According to a legend a Russian engineer, who drew up a plan of convent building in 1785, found a walled up cellar in the eastern corner in the inner court of the castle. In the middle of the cellar stood a massive table an in a leder upholstered armchair behind the table was a man´s skeleton. After being touched the skeleton fell to bits on the floor but before that the drawing teacher of a local school had managed to make a sketch of the skeleton.
It turned out that these was the remains of the knight who had been immured in the celler alive by order of the boshop during the Reformation in the first half of the 16th century. As the Catholic bishop of Saaremaa tended to be beaten by his protestant vassals, he turned to the Roman pope with a request for help. So the latter had sent here an inquisitor of Spanish origin whose task was to solve the problem. But the vassals had decided to test his piety and strength of mind through a beautiful blond maid.
The knight fell in love with the girl, this way getting into conflict with the requirement of celibacy, in force in the Catholic Church. Quite soon the affair became public, the girls hair was cut an she was set to Kaarma Nunnery to do penance. The loving inquisitor decided to help the girl save out from the nunnery, but the letter hidden into a loaf of bread happened to be on the bishops table instead of a closter. Then it was decided that the holy man had irrevocably gone of the right path and he was immured alive i a cellar of Kuressaare Castle. Up to now this is known as a cellar of an immured knight.

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